Petr Modlitba

Painter and illustrator

Petr Modlitba(* 5th July 1968 in Brno, Czech Republic)

It all started one day in 1976 when I discovered the book “Ztracený svět (Lost World)“ by Josef Augusta and Zdeněk Burian in my brother’s bookcase and soon after I saw the film “Cesta do pravěku (Journey to Primeval Ages)“ by Karel Zeman at the cinema. I was so impressed by the primeval world depicted in the breathtaking pictures by the genius painter Zdeněk Burian that I grabbed a pencil and some paper and started to draw and draw and draw... creating a wiggly line.

I have been drawing ever since; however, I hope that the results are much better than on that first day.

The most important turning-point in my work was meeting Professor Jan Jelinek in 2001. Thanks to the interest of this respected scientist and a wonderful man, I was presented with the opportunity to work on reconstructions of a primeval life at a professional level in Moravské zemské muzeum, Brno.

Examples of my work can also be seen  in the Anthropos Pavilion Brno, which are wall paintings at the pavilion  entrance, a replica of Australian aboriginal rock painting. When working on prehistory of the Earth displays, I cooperate mainly with the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague and to a lesser extent, with Moravské zemské muzeum and Masaryk University of Brno.

My paintings are also used to illustrate young people's books and popular science books.

Portrét PM od Jiřího Grbavčice

Můj portrét od kamaráda malíře Jiřího Grbavčice

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